• Interior
  • Interior, tables ready for the guests.
  • Bricktown water tower with painted mural art

About us

Skyline on Bricktown Canal is a stunning one-of-a-kind event venue, located at the furthest west end of the Bricktown Canal. It's situated on the third floor of the Case Plow Building, with breathtaking views of both the Bricktown Canal as well as Downtown Oklahoma City and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Constructed in 1909, Case Plow is one of the oldest buildings in Oklahoma City and on the  Bricktown canal. The building was a warehouse and distribution center for Case Plow Works which manufactured and distributed agricultural implements. By 1937, the building was a warehouse for the O.K. Transfer and Storage Co., a firm that served 24 freight lines to 1,200 cities and towns in Oklahoma City's trade territory. 

The now "Bricktown Art Tower" situated on the top of the building has been a part of Bricktown's ambiance since 1994 when it adorned a clock that originated at the Penn Square Bank building. Today it hosts an original artwork from Oklahoma City artist Denise Duong entitled "Chasing our Voices and Dreams."